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The V & A's Fabric of India

Above: Muslin border embroidered with beetle wings, probably Hyderbad 19th century, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

This week we couldn't resist indulging ourselves in the rich colours and intricate details of The Fabric of India. The exhibition showcases approximately 200 objects made by hand and features displays highlighting traditional textile-making processes, such as weaving, block printing, appliqué, embroidery and dyeing using plant-based dyes. 

Above: Installation view of The Fabric of India at the V&A Left: Floorspread, painted and dyed cotton, Coromandel Coast, circa 1630, V&A Right: Wall hanging (detail), cotton appliqué, Gujarat, 20th century, V&A.

Curated by Rosemary Crill and Divia Patel, the exhibition is the highlight of the V&A's India Festival throughout Autumn 2015. Textiles such as wall hangings and floor coverings, installations and garments express India's history, exploring themes such religion, wealth, power and the country's economy. 

Above: Wall hanging (detail), cotton appliqué, Gujarat for the Western market, circa 1700, V&A Left and right: Installation views of The Fabric of India at the V&A

Above: Tipu's Tent 1725 - 1750, National Trust Images 

We loved the Gujarat wall hanging which is designed to decorate an entire room! A parade of hand embroidered people and elephants make up the elaborate details and colour. A fine example evidencing the skill and variety within India's textile history which we're sure will weave it's way into the hearts of every visitor.

The Fabric of India

3rd October - 10th January 2016

Open daily from 10am - 5:45pm and until 10pm Fridays

Tickets: £14 each (concessions available, members free)

Victoria and Albert Museum

South Kensington

Cromwell Road



Supported by Good Earth India, with thanks to Experion and Nirav Modi.