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Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum

The weather has been so beautiful in London lately that it almost seems a shame to spend those precious weekend days in a museum. However, we're sure a visit to the tropical butterfly enclosure at the Natural History Museum will only enhance that summer feeling! 

Each year, hundreds of chrysalises arrive at the museum from all over the world, where they are placed in the expert care of lepidopterist Luke Brown. Luke carefully monitors their metamorphoses, before the emerging butterflies are released into their tropical London home for the summer.

This is a unique opportunity to walk amongst hundreds of tropical butterflies originating from Africa, Southeast Asia and North and South America; including the swallowtail, moon moth and stunning blue morpho. We suggest you don't miss the chance to see these exotic creatures in the middle of the city - the butterfly house runs until 13th September and you can find more information here. Below you can see a few of Emma's photos from her last inspiring visit to Sensational Butterflies... 

All images © Emma J Shipley