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Our favourite creatures in the summer sale

30th June 2016

Our summer sale has just begun! We've handpicked a few of our favourite creatures and designs which have all been reduced in the sale - some up to 50% off! 

1. Big cats (roar!) - A design as fierce as you are...

Top left: Tigris silk T-shirt was £225, now £112.50. Top Right: Tigris silk skinny scarf in teal was £180, now £90 Bottom left: Tigris silk skinny scarf in violet was £180, now £90 Bottom right: Arthemis scarf ring, was £200 now £140.

2. Birds in flight - We're dreaming of flying away on holiday...

Top left: Audubon silk trousers was £399, now £199.50. Top Right: Owl of Paradise in silk chiffon was £265, now £132.50 Bottom left: Parrot silk chiffon in violet was £190, now £95 Bottom right: Audubon short silk kaftan, was £345 now £172.50. 

3. Galactic woolly mammoth - Our style is guided by the stars...

Top left: Constellation oversize shirt was £325, now £162.50. Top Right: Constellation silk chiffon scarf was £265, now £185.50 Bottom left: Constellation silk twill scarf was £180, now £126 Bottom right: Constellation silk shirt, was £390 now £195.

4. Fire breathing dragons - Creating a legend is easy with style like this...

Top left: Drakon silk skinny scarf in black, was £125, now £100. Top Right: Drakon modal scarf in turquoise, was £280, now £224 Bottom left: Drakon modal scarf in gold, was £280, now £224 Bottom right: Drakon silk skinny scarf in magenta, was £125 now £100.

Don't miss out on discovering your favourite creatures and designs in our summer sale!


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