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Explore RHS Chatsworth Flower Show with us...

At EJS, our artistic inspiration is sourced from so many places! With our design stories often centring around flora and fauna, primary research on the natural world is always a logical starting point for us. Consequently, our signature, mythical touch is introduced into the illustration process and our designs are born! A visit to the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show in June exhibited the vibrancy, vivacity and decadence that we really lusted after seeing when attending a show absolutely brimming with nature. The floral elements of the show, juxtaposed with the fabricated features of Chatsworth House itself, all go towards further inspiring the opulent nature of our aesthetic.

The RHS logo filled with beautiful cerise flowers

Left: Emma in front of a waterfall of 5000 orchids. Right: Apricot Dascia in bloom

Natural colour combinations exuded vibrancy. Exaggerated, bold hues signified vitality and power. Gentle, pastel tones were evocative of a whimsical, romantic ambience. Structural differences between the flowers dramatised the contrast between delicacy and strength. Collectively, these are all signature characteristics of our design aesthetic here at EJS. A breathtaking part of the show was seeing 5000 Phalaenopsis orchids cascading from the ceiling, creating a very romantic, fresh atmosphere. Cerise petals were softened by pale lilacs and dusty pinks, graduating into delicate white flowers. We also loved the more tropical areas, where exotic plants with dark green, waxy leaves and deep red, spiky flowers reminded us of inspiration from our Amazon collection!

Flowers of every colour getting us in the summer spirit at Emma J Shipley

Tropical flowers reminding us of our Emma J Shipley Amazon collection

The fresh colour palette of the RHS show was contrasted by the rich hues and regal decor of the interior of Chatsworth House. Similarly to our wallpaper designs, decor was luxurious and maximalist. Gold accents added a richness, in line with our interiors aesthetic. We couldn't have asked for any more!

Gold plated stag head candelabra at Chatsworth House

Left: Opulent interior decor. Right: Richly coloured, heavily patterned interiors complimented by gold accents

Opulent interiors are something we love here at EJS, and Chatsworth House did not disappoint! Ancient Roman and Egyptian sculptures reminiscent of mythological imagery were aplenty. Carved, stone lions sat poised, displaying power and strength and demanding a sense of awe. Cheeky cherubs sculpted into the branches of a chandelier were hidden at first glance, while classic portrait busts depicted and exaggerated the human form.  A gold candelabra featuring large stag heads and gilded patterning largely appealed to our love for illustrating the beauty of the animal kingdom at EJS...

Left and right: Ancient stone sculptures depicting the human form

Left and Right: Expressive lion sculptures at Chatsworth House

Left and Right: Cherubs depicted in both sculptural and painted form

A contemporary twist on sculpture, Damien Hirst’s Saint Bartholomew, Exquisite Pain (2006), cast in gold-plated silver only enhanced the opulence of the interior decor. The sculpture depicts a man with his own skin draped over his arm, holding a scalpel above his head, which was simultaneously tragic, dramatic and classic. 

Damien Hirst's 'Saint Bartholomew, Exquisite Pain' (2006)

Looking at our images from the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show, our constant inspiration of the natural world is evident! Our influences primarily descend from flora and fauna, but the connection between art, nature and the manmade collectively inspire the narrative of our designs. If you missed out on the RHS Flower Show Chatsworth, don’t panic! You can still make the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park, which takes place from 18 - 22 July 2018.

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

Tatton Park

Mereheath Lane



WA16 6QN

18th - 22nd July 2018