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Carsten Nicolai: unicolor

This week we're looking forward to experiencing some immersive colour and sound, as audio visual artist Carsten Nicolai brings his unicolor installation to London.

Nicolai hopes to challenge what viewers are really seeing, by projecting wavelengths of colours and sounds to create a vast, digital wall. 

“The brain is always adding things it doesn’t really see,” Nicolai explains. “Put a very strong red next to white, and you experience an afterglow of green. With RGB, when it moves really fast, we start seeing grey. We really believe what we see – as an observer, it’s difficult to identify the illusion.” 

We're feeling inspired by the trailer above and looking forward to challenging our own perception of colour - the exhibition is free to visit and runs until 2nd August; details below. 

Exhibition: 24 June – 2 August (Tues – Sun)

Opening hours: 12pm – 6pm (free entry)

Address: Brewer Street Car Park Top Floor, London, W1F 0LA