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The RCA Secret is out

Another amazing show! The RCA Secret exhibition didn't disappoint, with collectors queuing for the sale up to 10 days before it opened... With all the art being one of a kind for only £55 each, perhaps they'd guessed the artwork of Sir Peter Blake, Paula Rego or Jeremy Deller.

We could feel the buzz of excitement in the atmosphere on opening night. Keen collectors perused the gallery with an eagle eye, hoping to spot the recognisable style of a well known artist. But in the end, the most satisfied buyers were those who chose the work because they loved it, regardless of who created it. 

Finally we can reveal which postcards were ours! In case you hadn't spotted our signature pencil sketches with imaginative, fantastical detail, here are the three designs we exhibited and sold anonymously. Would you have recognised our work? 

Find out which other artists took part in RCA Secret or discover more original artwork in our drawings gallery.