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The Guardian and UPS Trade Mission to Atlanta

Last month saw Emma jet off to Atlanta on a business trade mission awarded by The Guardian in conjunction with UPS. After pitching to business experts at Guardian HQ back in February, the panel were impressed by the Emma J Shipley brand and Emma joined nine other businesses on a mission to crack the American market! Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the trip provided an opportunity to receive one-on-one business advice from trade experts, forge new links with American firms and learn to understand the US market better. Of course there was still time to sample a snippet of Atlanta life with an evening cheering on the Hawks at a basketball game and a sample of the Deep South's finest cuisine (note: lots of fried chicken...)

Tune into the Guardian film below to discover exactly what happened when Emma J Shipley took on the USA and to find out a little more about the invaluable business lessons and advice Emma learnt along the way...

And catch up with the personal video diary filmed during the trade mission giving a little more detail about the Guardian trip to Atlanta!