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Our Top 10 Paris Moments!

Fashion season wouldn't be complete without our annual stay in Paris to showcase the new collection to international press and buyers in the Premiere Classe showroom. Our trip was full of pastries, partying and 25 degree heat - so we thought we'd share our top ten Paris moments with you...

1. Petit Déjeuner

What's the best way to start a busy day in the French capital? With a traditional petit déjeuner of coffee, croissant, orange juice and toast, of course! We enjoyed ours with a side order of morning sunshine and people watching in one of Paris's glorious al fresco breakfast spots.

Emma J Shipley paris fashion week breakfast
Emma J Shipley paris fashion week breakfast

2. The Premiere Classe showroom 

With the launch of our collaboration with Disney on a Tinker Bell collection, as well as the brand new debut line of printed womenswear, our showroom stand looked more exciting than ever and we loved being part of the buzzy atmosphere of Premiere Classe, surrounded by some of our favourite brands such as Kate Sheridan and Coops jewellery.

Emma J Shipley Premiere Classe
Emma J Shipley Premiere Classe

3. Roller skating

The Premiere Classe showroom opened on Friday and by the time it closed at 7pm we were more than ready for a glass of champagne! Luckily the showroom threw us a great opening drinks party, complete with frozen mojitos, plenty of champagne and (to our delight) roller skates! The space transformed into an eighties-themed roller disco for the night, and lets just say there were more than a few sore heads (and feet) amongst the designers in the morning...

Emma J Shipley Premiere Classe Roller Skates

4. Food

You can't visit Paris without falling madly in love with pretty much everything you eat. We were lucky enough to sample some amazing dinners - from traditional and comforting onion soup and boeuf bourguignon, to these delicious burgers we devoured on our final day, which were enough to keep us going throughout the entire Eurostar journey back to London...

Emma J Shipley Paris Fashion Week
Emma J Shipley Paris Fashion Week

5. Jardin des Tuileries

The hot Parisian sunshine filled the Jardin des Tuileries (where our showroom was based) for the entire duration of our stay, and coffee breaks were spent admiring the colourful floral displays and wandering the tree-lined avenues that surrounded us.

Emma J Shipley Jardin des Tuileries
Emma J Shipley Jardin des Tuileries

6. The ceiling at Galeries Lafayette

Our final day in Paris was strictly reserved for seeing the sights and browsing the shops, so a trip to the city's famous department store, Galeries Lafayette, was top on the list. This grand building is home to to an awe-inspiring domed ceiling that couldn't help but distract us from the huge selection of luxury clothes and accessories in the store.

Galeries Lafayette Paris

7. French patisserie

From perfectly glazed eclairs in every colour, to fruit and cream filled petit fours, delicate custard tarts and mille-feuille - Paris's famous patisseries gave us no end of joy and popped up on every street we wandered down (which made them hard to resist). Their grand array of treats also provided the ideal showroom pick-me-up to perk up an afternoon of work!

Emma J Shipley french patisserie Paris
Emma J Shipley french patisserie Paris

8. Apple iWatch launch at Colette 

Colette is always the place to be for the latest launches in fashion, music and technology - so it was no surprise to see the launch of the Apple iWatch, just across the road from Premiere Classe. Crowds gathered to get their glimpse of the new high-tech watch, with the queue steadily building throughout the day...

Apple iWatch Colette

9. Boat trip

On the penultimate day of Premiere Classe, we spent the afternoon in anticipation for the closing party - which we were told would begin with a river boat trip towards an undisclosed location. They didn't disappoint and Premiere Classe pulled out all the stops to celebrate 25 years of the showroom. We boarded a river boat and cruised down the river Seine, sipping on champagne and observing the glorious sunset views of Paris's beautiful scenery, including a close-up of the beaming Eiffel Tower. This was a truly unforgettable Paris moment and a stand-out highlight of our trip!

Emma J Shipley premiere classe paris

Emma J Shipley Eiffel Tower Paris

Emma J Shipley Eiffel Tower Paris

10. The Notre Dame

The final sight to be seen before we hopped back on the Eurostar was the famous Notre Dame, one of Paris's most inspiring sights. The sunshine lit up every intricate detail of the building, and it was the perfect final stop to remember our trip by.

Notre Dame Paris
Notre Dame Paris

It's always a pleasure to show the collection in Paris and enjoy the city at the same time, and our trip concluded the busy fashion season with a bang. Don't forget to check out our Instagram and Facebook for more pictures from our time in Paris.