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Our 5 favourites from Paris Fashion Week

The beginning of October saw us take our bi-annual trip to Paris for the renowned Fashion Week. The stunning city provided us with beautiful sights, delicious food and captivating exhibitions - the ideal location to showcase our upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 collection to industry buyers and press. Here's our pick of moments from the eventful week...


The bright and airy M Agency showroom was the perfect place to unveil our upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 Sirens collection. The new scarves piqued a lot of interest, and we are excited for you all to see the collection in full. But, you can see a little sneak peek below...

The display of the SS17 Sirens collection displayed in the M Agency in Paris.

Left and right: Sneak previews of the upcoming Sirens SS17 collection.

The upcoming Jacquard Woven scarves hanging at the showroom during Paris Fashion Week.


The prestigious Pompidou centre proved to be an inspiring experience. Luckily enough, our visit coincided with the influential Magritte exhibition. From the complex architecture to the arresting artwork contained within, the Pompidou is a firm favourite of ours (some recognisable EJS creatures could also be spotted here...)

The grand and complex structure of the Pompidou centre museum.

Left: A mirrored view of the outside of the Pompidou, intensifying the arresting structures. Right: René Magritte's beautiful painting named The Cut-Glass Bath (1964) featured within the Pompidou.

René Magritte's famous painting Le Blanc-Seing (1965) was a favourite of ours from the Pompidou.


Visiting the historic Musee D'Orsay is always an unforgettable experience, no matter how many times you visit! The stunning architecture, magnificent artworks (including work of the celebrated Van Gogh) and the grand clock feature all make for a remarkable visit. Similarly to the Pompidou, some familiar creatures were seen here too...

The grand entrance to the Musee D'Orsay.

Left: The stunning Musee D'Orsay was beautifully lit, with the grand clock glimmering in the sun. Right: Vincent Van Gogh's infamous self-portrait from 1889 was featured prominently within the Musee D'Orsay.

A stunning polar bear sculpture named Ours Blanc (1923-33) by François Pompon.


Taxidermy enthusiasts - this one's for you! Deyrolle invites lovers of insects, animals and all-things-nature to step into a haven of Taxidermy delights. Preserved creatures of land, sea and air are displayed beautifully in this stunning Parisian store. It's a known fact that surrealist painter Salvador Dali frequently visited this shop... 

The entrance to Deyrolle is understated, not giving away what's to come...

Left and right: Beautiful displays within Deyrolle feature animals, insects and other nature-preserves.

The three beautiful butterflies from Deyrolle that we took back to the EJS studio.


Parisian cuisine is undeniably one of our favourites - there's nothing better than a delicious meal to take away the stresses that come with Fashion Week. One of our best-loved establishments is Le Wagon Bleu; a converted 1920's train carriage from the Orient Express, turned into a stunning french bistro-style restaurant.

The front of Le Wagon Blue, one of our favourite restaurants.

Left and right: Inside the last remaining carriage of the Orient Express, the setting for our meal at Le Wagon Bleu.

So, as you can see, we enjoyed a varied range of activities during Paris Fashion Week, and we can't wait to go back for next season! Keep up to date with our whereabouts on Instagram and Twitter