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Enter the magical world of Scarfi at our Westfield London launch

In case you weren't aware, our app 'Scarfi' is now live, and we couldn't be happier with the positive responses we've received! Along with the release of the augmented reality app, we also launched our Scarfi pop-up last week at Westfield London with a press night to remember. The unveiling of the incredible display, delicious food and drink and buzzing atmosphere - the launch was a great success. Read on to get the lowdown on the night...

The overwhelming yet stunning space used for the Scarfi pop-up in The Village at Westfield London.

Left: Emma proudly standing at the Scarfi pop-up display, sporting the exclusive pre-order Sirens scarf. Right: The interface of Scarfi, showing Emma trying out the appp.

We weren't sure what to expect when we entered Westfield for the launch night - having planned the pop-up space in the preceding weeks, the actual install of the display happened only the night before the launch! We couldn't have been happier with the outcome and the pop-up display looks outstanding. Situated in The Village, the magnificent large-scale pop-up stands out against the surrounding luxury stores and hub of visitors. The colourful and bold illustrations from the upcoming Sirens collection are enlarged to a huge scale and displayed on the walls, with our exclusive Scarfi vending machine and iPads situated in the middle. No doubt, the striking display caused a lot of attention; you can now enter the magical world of Emma J Shipley virtually and physically...

A striking arrangement - the Scarfi pop-up attracted a lot of visitors, due to the bold and bright display.

Left: The launch event at the Champagne Bar in The Village was buzzing with guests. Right: Emma testing out the Scarfi app at the pop-up.

At the launch, guests and visitors were able to test out the app for themselves. iPads are positioned within the display, allowing users to sample the try-before-you-buy feature of the app. What's more, the iPads are accompanied by our very own scarf vending machine - users of the app are able to order their favourite scarf from the app, and collect it from the vending machine

Emma instructing guests on how to use Scarfi.

Left and right: Visitors were impressed and entertained by our augmented reality app.

Any launch event wouldn't be complete without great food and drink, right? The Champagne Bar just opposite the Scarfi pop-up played host to our guests; champagne and canapés were served throughout the night to our delight. And, as well as hosting our guests, the bar also housed our EJS cushions along with an exclusive look at the upcoming Sirens cushion.

Our cushions were displayed front and centre in the bar, along with a sneak-peak at the upcoming Sirens cushion.

Left and right: Scrumptious food and drink was served throughout the night.

If you're unaware of what Scarfi is capable of, then let us tell you! Scarfi is an innovative augmented reality app that allows you to try-before-you-buy - users are able to virtually try on scarves from our Phoenix collection, along with an exclusive design from the upcoming Sirens collection. The designs will come to life as you enter the world of Emma J Shipley's imaginative illustrations.

Left: Emma presenting the exclusive Sirens scarf, available to try out on Scarfi. Right: The live interface of Scarfi - make sure you download it on the App store now!

The creators of Scarfi - Emma posing with Matthew Drinkwater and Katri Salminen from the Fashion Innovation Agency, and Alexandros Neophytou from Meshmerise.

There you have it - the lowdown on our launch of Scarfi. Be sure to download Scarfi on the App Store and share your scarf selfie with us! Make sure you tag your images #ScarfiEJS @westfieldlondon on Instagram to be in with a chance of winning something very special... And make sure you get down to Westfield London this month to see the pop-up for yourself; it's open right through until 30th November