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Christmas at Kew Gardens 2016

29th November 2016

If you weren't already feeling festive enough, you're about to! We were fortunate enough to attend the opening evening of Christmas at Kew, and what an event it was. Fantastic light displays, delicious seasonal food and drink and Christmas tunes were in full-swing - read on to find out more about this stunning trail...

Left: Our ears were greeted on arrival by a gathering of Christmas Carollers who sounded absolutely fantastic. Right: Our stomachs were greeted by some delicious mince pies, gingerbread and mulled wine!

The grand entrance to the 2016 winter trail was signified by two giant Christmas trees, drenched in seasonal colour

Now in its fourth year, the new 2016 winter trail is inspired by the Gardens themselves, as the glasshouses, temples and trees of all orients are stunningly lit amidst other playful light displays. The entrance to the trail of lights is signified by two giant Christmas trees, covered in ribbon and lit with vivid silver and blue lights. The path takes the wanderer on a festive journey - first through a carpet of light gently swaying light blossom and past a scented Fire Garden inspired by Five Gold Rings from the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Five Gold Rings! The scented Fire Garden inspired by The Twelve Days of Christmas was a firm favourite.

Left and right: Three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree!

The trail continues past glittering trees dripping with giant crystals, to colour-changing reeds ascending high into the night sky. Just ahead glimpse the Tunnel of Lights, this year animated by over 60,000 lights making patterns and pictures to a festive soundtrack.

Left: Heart of Stars by Stephen Newby was beautiful, portraying a shimmering heart spinning to romantic Christmas songs. Right: The colour-changing light reeds were awe-inspiring.

The Tunnel of Lights is animated by over 60,000 lights, which change colour in time with your favourite Christmas tunes.

Take a stroll down the fairy-tale avenue of flora dotted across the Crystal Lawn before continuing the woodland walk between larger-than-life clusters of candles by Christina Ottonello. If you're feeling romantic, gaze into the Heart of Stars by Stephen Newby as the glittering heart rotates in time with sentimental xmas songs. Or, if there are children involved, stop off at the Kew Karaoke at the Christmas Juke Box and belt out your festive favourites. What's more, Santa and his elves are at the North Pole Village along the way...

Left: Giant candles are lit proudly, created by Christina Ottonello. Right: You can purchase and toast your own giant marshmallow, in a variety of flavours!

Left: Wander past the whimsical flora on the Crystal Lawn. Right: Children and adults alike will be entertained by Santa and his elves at the North Pole Village.

The finale of this incredible event is quite a treat. This year, framed by sparkling hedges, the Palm House Pond comes to life with magical colour-changing laser beams, fans of light and flickering orbs that dance in time to music inspired by much-loved Christmas classics.

A festive finale - the grand Palm House and the surrounding pond host a magically festive display of lights and colour.

We urge you all to visit Christmas at Kew 2016 - whether you're younger, older, or just love all-things-festive, there's definitely something here to get you in the Xmas spirit! 


Christmas at Kew 2016

Kew Gardens, Richmond

Surrey, TW9 3AB

23rd November 2016 - 2nd January 2017, 5pm-10pm

Adults - £18 

Children - £10

More information here.


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