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Captivating interior design in Clerkenwell

As summer starts to hot up, so do the shows! We enjoyed the seventh annual Clerkenwell Design Week in London, where visitors were treated to innovative installations, world class design, the latest in product launches and a wealth of talent to choose from.

With new interior design concepts in the pipeline, our stand in the Additions exhibition was bubbling with interest, alongside other creative designers and brands. This 3 day design-focussed show added four more exhibition venues this year to the four from previous years, proving to be a popular event on the calendar.

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We made the most of so much contemporary design in one area and headed out to see what creations would catch our eye in Clerkenwell.

1. Rainbow colour

Colour is always the answer, especially when it's ALL the colours! This striking bejewelled Stormtrooper helmet, by Sequin Kay, nearly came home with us...

Artist Sequin Kay works in sequins to create ornate and intricate pieces.

Left and right: Sequin Kay

Right: Design shop and studio Marby and Elm using all the crayons of the rainbow with their gnome window display.

2. Texture

Everywhere we went, tactile textures, shiny surfaces and soft, billowy fabrics had us reaching out to touch. 

Right: 3D textile installation by Lorna Syson of Structural Textiles.

Left: Installation by Daisy Ellis Right: Chairs from the Mad collection by Poliform UK

Right: Large-scale abstract signage sculptures from Giles Miller Studio

3. Light

Creating a cosy atmosphere, our eyes were naturally drawn to the rustic spaces of the Platform exhibition, lit up by a delightful abundance of sleek, interior lighting design.

Right: Jam Jar Lights open cage design

Left: Jam Jar Lights were the brightest stand in all the land Right: Solid spin lamps crafted by Tamma Design

Right: Levello lights project soft rainbow hues onto the aged brick wall

We're already looking forward to seeing what Clerkenwell Design Week has in store for next year!