An odyssey Beyond the Waterfall with Bompas & Parr

An odyssey Beyond the Waterfall with Bompas & Parr

If you know EJS well, you'll know that we love all-things magical, whimsical and mysterious. So, when we were asked to contribute illustrations for an extraordinary installation by flavour-based experience company Bompas & Parr, how could we say no? We attended the enchanting opening night at Westfield London - and nothing could have prepared us for the otherworldly adventure that followed...

Subtle details and decorations added to the mystery and enchantment of the installation

Left: Spooky details were a common occurrence throughout the 60 minute journey. Right: 'Potions' (alcoholic beverages) are given to each guest during the quest...

The installation is nicknamed "the ultimate grotto for grown-ups," and it certainly is! Beyond the Waterfall transports visitors on a fantastical odyssey across a magical lagoon and through an enchanting land, via a row boat. Voyagers are tasked to row themselves across the lagoon, using umbrellas to shield themselves from the overhead waterfall. The umbrellas themselves have our upcoming SS17 Neptune design printed on the inside to give an EJS touch to the adventure. Ours kept us suitably dry from the waterfall as well as adding even more visual delight to the scene!

The upcoming Neptune design was printed onto the underside of the umbrellas - making shielding yourself from the waterfall even more exciting!

Left and right: The vibrant blue and turquoise tones of the design really stood out amongst the eerie backdrop of the lagoon.

The exciting journey ends with a trip to the underwater bar - with themed drinks and decor.

The immersive journey evokes all the emotions and joy of the festive season while creating a feeling of escapism, using a mix of mythology, fairytales and science fiction. As well as traversing the lagoon, you'll embark a quest involving gemstones, mythological beasts and aquatic cocktails. The reward for successful quest-completion is a visit to the undersea bar staffed by mythical creatures including some musical mermen - each visitor is given two drinks tokens that can be exchanged at the bar. You'll find our Neptune design there, too, decorating the delectable cocktail menus in colours of marine crystal...

Our Neptune design was also featured on the drinks menu, adding an EJS touch to the experience.

Left: Underwater characters and musical mermen were a highlight of the experience. Right: Each guest is given two tokens to exchange for drinks at the bar - result!

We can't recommend this spellbinding experience enough - we urge you all to visit The Village at Westfield London and take the journey yourselves! Due to high demand, there are very few tickets left, but more are being released very soon. Follow @bompasandparr on Instagram and Twitter to be the first to know when they come out. Don't miss out!

Beyond the Waterfall

£15 + booking fee

4-10pm, 9th - 23rd December

The Village, Westfield London

Ariel Way, Shepherds Bush

London, W12 7GF